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Business: eBooks

Provides links to resources and research guides in business


This page contains information about finding business-related electronic books. It provides links to the eBook databases and a brief search example. and directs to . If you scroll to the bottom you will see a list of selected books titles in the collection; some useful tutorials on using the eBook collections; and a box listing all the ways you can contact us for help. Please do not hesitate to ask us for help with any assignment that requires you to locate resources. 

Searching the eBook Collections

Searching eBooks

For instructions on searching the eBook Collections please check out the following tutorials:

Books and eBooks

by Katie Meyer

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Need Help Locating Book Titles?

If you need assistance with locating book titles please do not hesitate to ask for help. If you cannot visit the library during open hours use the following means of contacting us:

Searching for EBSCO Ebooks

The following example illustrates the process of searching the eBooks

Choose EBSCO Comprehensive Academic Collection

Type in "Customer Satisfaction." Look at the number of titles at the top. Since books are constantly being added to the collection this number will change over time.

Look at the entries. 

You will see the title, the author's name, year of publication. You will also see subject headings. Take a look at these headings and see if you can use them as keywords in your searches.

To read the actual book click on PDF full text or EPub full text. You can look at the table of contents on the left and choose to click directly on a chapter title. Or you can browse the whole book on the right, using arrow keys or sidebars to scroll. You can also search for terms within the book

You can expand your search by typing in more search terms and using the word "OR" between them. Try typing in "customer satisfaction or customer retention or customer loyalty or customer service". Look at the number of titles at the top. You should see more titles because the software is looking for anything that contains the words satisfaction or loyalty, etc. If you look at the subject headings for books you pull up you can get ideas for search terms to add with the word OR in order to expand your search and pull up more book titles. 

Selected Book Titles