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Business: SWOT Analyses, Company Profiles, Country Reports

Provides links to resources and research guides in business


Logo for EBSCO Business Searching InterfaceThis section contains descriptions of some resources available through EBSCO's Business Search Premier. They are also discussed briefly under Magazine, Journal and Newspaper Articles. Resources include the Company Profiles, Industry Profiles, Country Reports, SWOT Analyses, and Market Research Reports.


If you wish to search the Reports and Profiles select the Business Searching Interface database.


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Company Profiles

The Company Profiles link allows you to search companies and view their Company Profiles. These are lengthy and detailed reports. They provide contact information, locations of main and subsidiary headquarters, company overviews and histories. The histories are in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent agreements, expansions, new products, mergers, acquisitions and name changes; scroll down to the bottom of the section to get foundation information.  

You will also get names and job titles for upper level management personnel, followed by rather detailed biographies. You will get an overview of their products and services and the names of their competitors. You will see annual company statements provided by the CEO's, reporting on the year's progress, earnings, innovations and future plans.

Not all companies are included. If you do not find your company make sure you know the parent brand. Pizza Hut, for example, is owned by Yum! Brands. You will find company profiles for YUM! but not Pizza Hut. If your company is not owned by a parent brand and you cannot pull up a company name 

When you click on Business Searching Interface you get Company Profiles, Country Reports and more


Type in Pizza and choose Match All Words






















Typing in Pizza and and clicking on Match Any Words brings up...



Results from typing Search and choosing Match All Words

Industry Profiles

Industry Profiles can answer questions like "how much did a specific industry grow in value and volume?" They cover topics such as revenue, market forecasts, geographical segmentation, industry segmentation.

Some of the Industry Profiles are not as current as others. You may find profiles that are five years old; you may find profiles that were published last year. For example, if you search for RESTAURANT UNITED STATES you will find that the latest report was published in 2016. If you type in FOOD and choose Food Retail Industry United States you will find that the latest report was published in 2020. 

To find Industry Profiles choose EBSCO's Business Searching Interface and select Industry Profiles. You can type in  the name of an industry or you can browse. If you type in a single word such as FOOD you will find all the industry categories that contain the word FOOD. 

Choose Industry Profiles












Type in a topic - the example here is food

SWOT Analyses

The SWOT analysis provides general information about a company, along with strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The term SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Make sure to check the publication date of the latest SWOT - some are a few years old.

To locate SWOT analyses click on EBSCO's Business Searching Interface and choose Industry Profiles, then choose SWOT. Type in a company name or keyword. Not all companies are represented and some companies have older reports.

For SWOT analyses choose Industry Profiles













Choose SWOT Analyses from the All Publications menu















The tab will say All SWOT Analyses. type in your topic and hit enter

Country Reports

Country Reports are prepared by CountryWatchThey are quite detailed and useful for anyone who wants a quick history of a country. They do focus on information that would be of use to businesses and industries but they give very detailed political histories, particularly recent histories  – election information, allies, trading partners, relationships between countries and groups such as the EU and NATO. 

The reports contain information about crime; imports and exports; trading agreements; GDP; taxation; government revenue; military expenditures; government expenditures; consumer spending; population growth; interest rates; and much more.

To locate Country Reports choose EBSCO's Business Searching Interface and select Country Reports.
Click on Business Searching Interface. Click on Country Reports

Market Research Reports

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