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Library Policies and Procedures: Programming

Contents of the Elizabethtown Community and Technical College Library Polices and Procedures Manual, published December 2017, revised August 2019


The ECTC Library organizes and sponsors programs and workshops designed to support the educational, cultural, and recreational needs and interests of the college and local community. All programming is in accordance with the Library Bill of Rights and supports the library’s commitment to free and open access to information and ideas for all users. Programs topics and themes are selected by library personnel, or in conjunction with college departments and committees, and are subject to the approval of the library director. Presenters are chosen for their subject knowledge and public performance experience. The library seeks to form partnerships with various community groups and institutions in the development and implementation of a variety of diverse programs and may seek to co-sponsor such programs with a wide mixture of community groups or organizations. Library-initiated programs are held on-site and in other locations and include, but are not limited to, speeches, community forums, discussion groups, demonstrations, displays, and live or media presentations. Programs and events are normally free of charge, however registration prior to a program or event may be required. ECTC Library does not advocate or endorse the content or viewpoints of a particular group or program. All outside groups not associated with a library sponsored program must request use of library facilities in accordance with ECTC Facilities Usage Policies and Procedures. Programs may be cancelled for a number of reasons, chiefly: severe weather, absence of the presenter, or low registration. Cancelled programs are not automatically rescheduled.