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Makerspace: 3D Printing Policies

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3D Printing Policies

Image of yellow robot icon 3D Printing

  • The success & quality of your print is not guaranteed. Many things can go wrong during a print: settings could need tweeked, clogs, adhesion issues, etc. Failed prints can be quite common and it is important to troubleshoot the issue with library staff member and try again.
  • 3D prints are only available in a single color per print. Please allow time to change filament if your desired color is not currently on the printer.
  • You may bring in your own 1.75 mm PLA filament, but it must be approved by library staff.
  • At this time we are only offering prints made from PLA Plastic Filament. PLA (Polylactic Acid) is one of the two most popular filament types (ABS is the other). We only print in PLA due to its lower melting point, no off gassing, and non-toxic properties  It is also plant-based, therefore it is not petroleum-based. Fun fact: PLA is often used in bio-medical devices that biodegrade in your body such as sutures or temporary screws.
  • Printing of weapons (including those for costumes), weapon components, illegal, offensive, or NSFW items or items created for profit is strictly prohibited.