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Makerspace: Button Makers

Information about the ECTC Library Makerspace..

Button Maker Policies

  • Patrons are limited to 2 buttons total per day
  • Please watch the video or ask of assistance
  • Alert staff if machine or punch press jams

Button Makers

Picture of Button MachinePicture of Button Machine Punch

Available for use:

1.25" Button Maker and 1.25" Punch Cutter for precise paper sizing


2.25" Button Maker and 2.25" Punch Cutter 

Image of 2.25 inch button


How to Make Buttons

Instructions stop at 2:07 on video

How to Make a Button

1. Choose your image. Print an image from he computer including photos, web images, or your own design. You can also cut an image out from magazines or draw your own design using our size template and art supplies available in the Makerspace.

2. Choose your paper. All paper must be either standard printer paper or magazine paper (24 lb bond). DO NOT USE cardstock, construction paper, or photo paper. It will jam the machine and your button will not be successful. 

3. Cut your image. Use the appropriately sized punch cutter. Cut your paper in a strip that fits the width of the cutter. Center your image with the center of the punch cutter hole. Be sure to leave some room around the outer edge of your image so the paper can fold around and under the button blank. Press down on the red handle. Release your image by reaching under the cutter and lift the metal die (if using the 1.25" cutter) or lift the image with your finger (if using the 2.25" cutter).

4. Align button dies side-by-side horizontally

5. Load smooth button blank sharp side down on the "shallow" die located on the left. This will be the front of your button. 

6. Add paper cut out front side up (this will be the image on the front of your button), centered on the button. 

7. Place clear plastic cover over image. Be sure you only have one plastic cover. 

8. Swivel. Swivel the left die under the center handle. 

9. Pull handle. The button blank will disappear and be held in the top die.

10. Align button dies back side-by-side horizontally

11. Add pin back, sharp or squiggly side up, into the empty die on the right. Make sure pin part is horizontal and straight. 2.25" buttons require the pin back to be at the bottom. This will be the back of your button. 

12. Swivel again. Swivel the die under the center handle.

13. Pull handle. Your button is now complete.

14. Swivel one more time to retrieve your button.