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Database & Book Catalog Instruction: Credo Reference

Information about how to use the library databases and book catalog.

Using the ECTC Library: Credo Reference


Think of Credo as "academic Wikipedia." Credo is an easy-to-use tool for starting research. Gather background information and facts on your topic from hundreds of credible sources such as: full-text encyclopedias, dictionaries, quotations, and more.

Basic Searching in Credo Reference

How to use the Mind Map in Credo Reference

How to Search in Credo Reference

1. Select Credo Reference from the library webpage by clicking on "C" from the A - Z Databases List or by selecting "Credo Reference" under Quick Links heading. 

  • If working from off-campus, you may be prompted to enter your KCTCS email and password to access the database.

2. Credo Reference is a collection of encyclopedias and dictionaries. Like searching in Wikipedia, use single a keyword or simple phrases. After you enter your topic in the search box, click the magnifying glass to see your results.

  • The database may auto generate suggested synonyms or related terms. You can select one or keep with your original keyword.

‚Äčscreenshot of credo reference search for COVIS-19


3.  Some topics will have a topics page that appears above your search results (black square). This is usually a brief overview of your subject. Many subjects include a "Mind Map" where you can explore related topics or significant people related to your topic (red circle). Browse "Articles" to explore more detailed information on your topic (red square). Watch the video posted above for more information about the Mind Map.


screenshot of search results in credo reference for COVID-19 with mind map and articles highlighted


4. You can limit your results using the drop-down choices in the toolbar (red boxes). Some important limiters are "Type" to limit to reference articles, definitions, and Pro/Con and "Length: to limit to medium or long articles. You can also tell article length by looking at the word count (green box). 

5. Click on the title to read the article.


screenshot of credo reference results indicating limiters and word count


6. Every article contains helpful tools for citations, emailing the article (share), or printing. These are highlighted in the purple square. Each article also provides links to related searches (red box) and related articles (green box). Citation information is also at the bottom of the article. 

screenshot of features in an article from Credo reference