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Database & Book Catalog Instruction: Newsbank

Information about how to use the library databases and book catalog.

Search for Newspaper Articles

NewsBank Tutorial

NewsBank How to Cite Tutorial

How to Search in Newsbank

How to Conduct a Basic Search in Newsbank

How to Use Suggested Topics in Newsbank

How to Search in Newsbank

1. Select NewsBank from the library webpage by clicking on "N" from the A - Z Databases List or by selecting "NewsBank" under Quick Links heading. 

  • If working from off-campus, you may be prompted to enter your KCTCS email and password to access the database.

2. NewsBank is a database of articles from local and national newspapers and news wires, including the News-Enterprise, Lexington Herald-Leader, and Grayson County News Gazette. To do a basic search, enter you keyword(s) or phrases in the search box. Use AND or OR to connect multiple keywords/phrases and use quotation marks around phrases, such as "lead poisoning." After you enter your topic in the search box, click the blue search button.


Screenshot of basic search box in newsbank database.


3. Select "Map Search" (orange arrow) to limit searching to newspapers from a specific state. Browse "Quick Links" (blue box) to browse special reports, hot topics, or daily headlines. You can also browse the boxes under "Suggested Topics" (green box) to narrow down a topic. 


Screenshot highlighting map search, quick links, and suggested topics on newsbank search screen.


4. After you conduct a basic search, your results screen has many features and limiters to help you narrow your results down even more. The green box indicates the number of articles retrieved. You can filter your results with the red arrow. Sort by "Best Match" for articles most relevant to your keywords. Limit by date by using the blue box. 


Screenshot of results page in Newsbank for a search for lead poisoning and Kentucky.


5. Click on any title to access the article.

6. Each article contains a toolbar with icons to auto-create a citation, email the article to yourself, print, or download the article to your device (green box). The date and source are located below the title (red circle). Use the navigation arrows to go back to the results list or to move through your results (red box). Your search terms are highlighted throughout the article. 


screenshot of article from newsbank highlighting tools and features.