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Database & Book Catalog Instruction: Films on Demand

Information about how to use the library databases and book catalog.

Films on Demand

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How to Search in Films on Demand Database

How to Search and Navigate Films on Demand

1. Select the Databases A-Z tile from the library webpage, select "F" and choose Films on Demand. If working from off-campus, you may be prompted to enter your KCTCS email and password to log into the database.


2. Enter your keyword(s) or title of film (in known) in the search bar at the top. To browse by topic matter, select the menu (3 horizontal bars) on the left.screen shot of films on demand user interface and browse menu 

3. Results will be either a segment of a larger film or the entire film. You can tell by looking next to the result title for (SEGMENT) or (FULL VIDEO), highlighted by the red arrows below. If it is a segment, the title of the full video where the segment originated from will be below the result title (red circle). The number of results is listed at top of the result list (red square) and date of video is listed on citation information (blue square).


4. Click on any title to watch the video.

screen shot of results list from films on demand

5. Play the video using the white arrow on the media toolbar.

  • A full written transcript is provided above the segment index (black circle). Use this feature to pull direct quotations for your paper.
  • The segment length will show by the title (blue circle) and the video will start at the beginning of the segment.
  • A citation generator is located under the time stamp (green arrow).
  • Use the share tool (green circle) to send the video to your email to save or refer to later. Do not copy and paste the URL/web address, use the share tool.screen shot of films on demand result showing navigation tools