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Database & Book Catalog Instruction: Opposing Viewpoints

Information about how to use the library databases and book catalog.

Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints Tutorial

How to Search in Opposing Viewpoints

1. Select Opposing Viewpoints from the library webpage by clicking on "Opposing Viewpoints" under Quick Links or select “O” from the A – Z Databases link. If working from off-campus, you may need to enter your KCTCS email and password. 


2.  If you do not know what topic you want to research or if you want to browse the issues covered in Opposing Viewpoints, select “Browse Issues.” If you know your topic, enter it in the search bar on the left and skip to step 5.




Browse issues page:

opposing viewpoints browse issues page


Remember a topic might be multi-disciplinary in scope and you should browse multiple, related topic pages. I have selected the topic “fast fashion.” Fast fashion is cheap, trendy clothing that is not made to last and is created in overseas factories. Related topics would be “sustainability” and “sweatshops.”


3. Each topic contains a variety of sources such as: an overview, viewpoints, academic journal articles, magazine & news articles, and more. Always start your reading with the topic overview. Next, explore both “featured viewpoints” and “viewpoints” to read positions written by journalists, practitioners, and others in the related field. Read the biography about the author to determine the source credibility and to understand why they hold their position(s).


topic overview page




4. Below is a “featured viewpoint.” Take note of the information about the author and the cite, send to (email), and print buttons.


overview page tools



5. If you enter your topic in the search box, you might have auto-generated suggestions. Select what is appropriate. I am researching wearing a mask.


search box



Mask wearing does not have a topic page, but I can select articles from the the different sources or “content types” listed. Magazines and news articles publish very current news, so I would want to look at those to find information about mask wearing and COVID-19.


results page for mask wearing search


I selected News sources & will sort by newest articles first, or by publication date.


news sources for mask wearing


I selected the article “Wearing Masks, Common in Asia, Rises in the West” from April 10, 2020 published in the New York Times. Note the cite, send to, download, and print tools in the upper right corner. Author, publisher, and date information is circled. Also note the Explore tools linking to more similar articles and related subjects.


New York Time article about mask wearing