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ECTC Archives: Employee Newsletters

Description of ECTC archives holdings; a brief history; finding aids; images


Date Range: 1986 to 2007. 

Elizabethtown Community College and Elizabethtown Community and Technical College have produced a number of employee-targeted newsletters. They include ECC NewsletterECC Updates, ECC Facts and FiguresCampus Connection, HR News as well as some newsletters produced by specific departments. At this time it does not appear that such newsletters were produced in the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s. ECC Updates focused on the campus community from 1987 to 1989. From 1991 to 1997 it focused on alumni although it included campus and some faculty news. 


ECC Newsletter 1986 to 1988

"Your copy of this newsletter is one concrete result of the faculty-staff morale meetings held last spring...The newsletter's primary purpose is to provide the ECC "family" with the means to keep in closer touch, sharing our professional and personal news, publicly recognizing our colleague's accomplishments and airing our views on college concerns." From the August 1986 issue.

Beth Nickell Mimi  Pike and Celia Winslow served as the newsletter's first editors. The newsletter was named, simply, Newsletter, with a long line before the word Newsletter. The September 1987 issue is the first with the title ECC Newsletter.  Contents include new division chairs, new services, promotions, degrees earned, new classes offered; they also include personal details such as news of kids, new cars and an array of other personal tidbits.

  • August 1986
  • September 1986
  • October 1986
  • December 1986
  • November 1986
  • February 1987
  • March 1987
  • April 1987
  • May 1987
  • June 1987
  • September 1987
  • November 1987
  • February 1988
  • April 1988
  • July 1988
  • October 1988
  • November1988
  • December 1988

ECC Updates

ECC Updates

June 1987 - Summer 1997. 18 pieces. First two issues focus on employees and college news; subsequent newsletters feature alumni, employees and college news

  • June 1987 - Dr Owen’s farewell column; photo of his retirement party;  Retirement of Martha Bain Rice
  • Fall 1987 - AT building projected to be ready Fall 1988;  2300 students on campus;  drawing of new building;  President's Message by Dr. Chuck Stebbins; change of title from Director to President; ECC declared a Home for the Arts; first College for Kids, Fall 1987
  • Spring 1988 - Jim Murley, Professor of English, selected as Great Teacher; the Library introduces, NewsBank;  Darby Williams welcomed as the new Academic Dean; Photo of Carrie Menard – her play Reunion, which won an award at the Spalding University Kentucky Playwright Festival, to be presented in April.
  • Fall 1988 - Grant totals; the Arts program titled Women in the Arts 1988-89  will be dedicated to Liz Anderson;  library catalog in process of going online
  • Summer 1989 - Beth Cahaney, Outstanding Teacher, photo and article. Modesto del Castillo, chosen for IBM presentation (photo and article.) Bob Harris, photo and article; Diane Owsley, photo and article. Jim Schork, photo. Diane Owsley, Loretta Foster and Angela Keith, photo. Debra Coffey, nursing graduate, photo. I Believe in Make Believe performance, photo. ECC classes have been offered at Fort Knox since the fall of 1988 (article.)

ECC Updates. For The Alumni and Friends of ECC 

Moved to the Alumni box

  • July 1991 - Jimmie Bruce promoted to Assistant Professor in July 1991; ECC Provides Leadership in Quality Community Report.
  • December 1990 – Grant from Dow Corning Corporation for the development of the Community of Excellence process in Hardin County; Formation of Alumni Association; Profiles of ECC alumni with photos; Blake Proffitt; Cherie Mingus; William Miller
  • Spring 1995 Alumni News- Joey Brown; Amanda R Byrd; Traci Goodman Gillock; Carla Collard Hornback; Connie Priddy Bee; Charles Robert Stark; Sandra Roney Sutherland; Photo and article on math professor Peggy Brangers
  • Fall 1995 - ECC honors James A. Collier and James S. Owen during 30th anniversary event; Alumni updates; Patsy Ashley – photo and profile; Faculty Update – Michael Coyle
  • Winter 1996 - Alumni News: Dennis W. Ashley; Beth (Owsley) Craycraft; Teresa Branch Davis; Margaret Sermonis Devoll; Betty House Dew; Michael P. Embry; Laura Donahue Evans; Bruce W. Fox; Laura K. Helms; Laura Bandy Kaelin: Shelly Jenkins Loyall; Inza Jalona Kinnon Meador; Laura Daugherty Nichols; Nancy Hagan Nusz; Kevin A. Parrett; Edwina Henderson Pennington; Julia Taylor-King Reynolds; Sherri Hatfield Sallee; Steve K. Sanford; Stephen W. Stilwell; Bryon F. Tharpe; Douglas A. Wallace; Catherine Chmielewski Wyatt; Jeffery A. Young. Debbie Merriman, alumna, long article and photo.  Article written by alum Sharon Mahoney, photograph
  • Spring 1996; Allen Hunt, ECC faculty, photo and article; Bill Rissel, newest board member, photo; President’s Update; James S Owen Administration Building Dedicated January 12, 1996; New Logo announced (with illustration); Alumni News: Jackie Chapman Copas; Dawn H. Corcoran ; Daymond A Cox; Mary Dansby; George Lee Dean; Debbie Ditto; Daniel J. Gray; Patricia Reesor Griffith; Alan D. Hicks; Gary W. Lewis; Kathy McCain; Dewayne T. McDowell; Lisa S. Meredith; Mary A. Rather; Brenda Stevenson Smiley; Toresea Cook Squires; Michele Siejwa, Swiney; Patricia Nunn Srygler. Timothy G. Johnson, article and photo. Teri Bennett, article and photo. Harry Thompson, photo and article. John Duplessis, essay and photo.
  • Fall 1996 - Ruth Metcalf Carwile; Terry Greene Cheatham; Sandra Gomez Clark; Melissa Matthews Dixon; Susan Douglas Dones; Mary Jane Lambert Elliott; Chance Fox; Robin Farris Gooden; Virgil T. Hammond; Beth Amy Messinger Miller; Jerry T. Mills Jr; Catherine Beyer Simons; Jennifer Underwood; Carol Weko Withrow; Lisa Meredith Wilson; Catherine Jesch Wright
  • Spring 1997 - President’s Update – includes resolution in favor of the UKCC system; Douglas A. Wallace; Linda Beattie, ECC Professor of English, article and photo. Alumni News: Anne Cain Cieminski; Mary Tasha Dansby; Michael G. Davis; Susan Douglas Dones; Martina Cockerel Gibson; Phillip A. Gibson; Myra McGeorge Maltar; James “Sam” Montgomery; Janice Massie Sprowles; Kimberly Nunn-Dearing Treanor
  • Summer 1997 - John Behen: A Room of His Own – ceremony naming Room 112 after John Behen. Photo of John Behen with James Collier, article. Alumni News; Christian K. Gray; Laura Moore Howard; Kevin A. Parrett; Jonathan Dale Powers; Sherry Whitman Powers; Sonja Adams Warden; Scholarship Recipients: Myra Anthony; Thomas Baldwin; Mary Baxter; Angela Blair; Karrie Bogue; Steve Brown; Carol Buchanan; Joy Campbell; Melissa Campbell; Jaime Cecil; Ann Cissell; Angela Clark; Amy Clemons; Sandy Cofield; Julie Culver; Thomas Dennison; Barry Deweese; Mary DeWitt; Joseph Dickerson; Cody Ditto; Amiee Duarte; Deborah Edwards; Miranda Frye; Amy Goodman; Marnie Hodge; Rachel Hoffman; Jamie Hundley; Sue Kidd; Jason King; Jill Knightly; Jill Lawler;  Charlotte Linton; Courtney McGuire; Kisika March-Riley; William Martin; Laura Mattingly; Victoria Melton; Melissa Ogletree; Angel O’Neal; Kimberly Raley; Stephanie Raymer; Yolanda Roque-Colon; Christy Seidl; Debra Smith; Jeremy Smith; Amy Stanton; Jessica Stull; Marianne Sturgess; Christina Vessels; Melissa Vessels; Andrew Wheat; Paulette Whelan; TeNeil Whelan; James Wilkes; Angela Yount, Retirees: Phyllis Brandenburg, Ann Cowan, J. Robert Hill, Martha Hill, Marolyn Perkins, Maurice Utley
  • Photocopy of front page of undated ECC Update – discusses promoted art building; the donation of 16,000 by Elizabeth Forest Anderson; decision to choose local architect


ECC Facts and Figures: A Monthly Administrative Newsletter

September 13 1988

College growth, grants, new library automation system; personnel changes, calendar of events

January 29, 1989

SACS self-study; spring enrollment, National Community College Month, calendar of events

February 23, 1989

Upcoming 25th anniversary; Rotary scholarships; open forum topics; self-study committee memberships 

March 16, 1989

Japanese Saturday School, fax numbers, search committees, Operation Gold Bar, Class Challenge, letter from Michael Coyle on retirement

May 3, 1989

AACJC Convention; North Central Campus Beautification Project; Title III Planning Grant; promotions, employee degree completions, Congratulations to Modesto, new telephone system, photocopying guidelines, calendar of events

November 1989 [taken from Calendar of Events]

Middy leaving; 1990-91 Goals and Objectives; enrollment; ECC choir invited to Frankfort; employee birthdays, self-study news; new hires, faculty news, calendar of events, Social and Behavioral Sciences Series

n.d - calendar of events is for late November only

Congratulations to ECC Quick Recall; ECC Trees (part of NCEF beautification project; Bicentennial Campus, Jackie Dennison Memorial Scholarship fund,, faculty news, Cunningham Award


Campus Connections

Campus Connections

1998 to 2007. Published monthly. One folder per year. 9 folders. No newsletters for 2005. General news and announcements; new procedures; faculty, staff, student highlights; upcoming events. Audience: ECC/ECTC employees

HR-News/Human Resources

HR-News/Human Resources

Newsletter. 11 pieces. 2007-2011. Audience: ECTC employees. Birthdays, events, instructions and guidelines for employees



Newsletter for School to Work program. Contains information for campus community about STW programs. 8 pieces. 1996 to 1998


KCTCS Exchange 2 pieces. Audience: KCTCS community. 2001-2002
S.S News. Student Support Services Newsletter. 2 pieces. 1995-1996
UKCC Newsletter. 1 piece. Fall 1993
Wellness Weekly/HR-Wellness Newsletter. 8 pieces. 4 pieces with no date- est. late 1980s. 4 pieces 2011-2013. 


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