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ECTC Archives: College Community Events

Description of ECTC archives holdings; a brief history; finding aids; images


Community outreach and service has long been part of the college mission. One way the college fulfills this mission is to present concerts, plays, lectures, festivals and other events and make them open to community members. This collection contains materials pertaining to such events.

Items in this collection include the following:

  • Concerts presented by ECC or ECTC faculty that were open to the community
  • Concerts open to the community that were presented by individuals and groups not affiliated with ECC or ECTC
  • Plays presented by groups not affiliated with ECTC and open to the community. Cast and crew may include ECC/ECTC students, staff and faculty but the presenting group is not an official ECC/ECTC organization.
  • Presentations and lectures given by ECC/ECTC faculty that were open to the community
  • Presentations and lectures that were open to the community and that were given by non-ECC/ECTC individuals 
  • Festivals, gatherings, conferences that were open to the community
  • Poetry readings and other literary events that were open to the community
  • All Home for the  Arts brochures, cards and flyers
  • Events held as part of cultural history celebrations and social awareness endeavors
  • Programs such as School to Work and Upward Bound

College events have often been sponsored by college committees and student organizations. In many cases they have been sponsored by multiple groups. Events sponsored by SGA alone have been filed with SGA materials. Flyers and programs may list these sponsorships.

It is important to note that folder contents are not comprehensive (i.e. they do not contain flyers, programs or other materials that reflect all of the community events held at the college or under the sponsorship of the college.) Materials may be added as they come to light.

Box 1

Visual Arts

  • Folder 1 – Visual Arts. 1980 to 1999. 
  • Folder 2 – Visual Arts. 2000 to 2009
  • Folder 3 – Visual Arts. 2010 to 2013

Folder 4. Drama/theater. Limited to productions by community and outside groups; productions held at ECC and/or sponsored by the college

  • Memo. February 14, 1972. Michael Coyle. Louisville Carriage House Players. Taming of the Shrew. Wednesday, February 23. Science Auditorium
  • Memo with theater masks. Ann Cowan. November 16, 1984. Mimeograph. Brigadoon; Camelot; My Fair Lady. Eastern Kentucky University Theatre Review. Monday, November 19, 1984. Science Auditorium
  • Flyer. Spring Community Musical. Nunsense. March 27, 28; April 3 and 4, 1992. ECC Auditorium
  • News Release. Phantom of the Opera. Louisville Chorus. May 23, 1993. T.K. Stone Elementary.
  • Program. An Evening of Music and Melodrama. An All-star cast in Klondike Kalamity and the Hardin and LaRue County Community Band. June 14 and 15, 1990. Freeman Lake Bandstand. Directed by Anne Cowan. Crew: Sheryl Crumpton, Lance Hibbard, Wanda Vowels, Sheryl Crumpton. Cast: Cindy McKinley, Jim Warrell, Steve Pitney, Bonnie Stewart, Michael Luke, Andrew Zagar, Sara Collier-Pitney, Bruce Caldera, Thomas Hammett, Wanda Vowels
  • Poster. The Gingerbread Lady. Directed by Wanda Vowels. ECC Home for the Arts. October 24, 24, 27. ECC Science Auditorium. No name for theater group. Pink cardstock
  • Folded card. Red cardstock. Professional look. ECC Home for the Arts. You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Directed by Troy Fisher. April 12, 13, 19, 20. ECC. Science Auditorium
  • Program. ECC Home for the Arts. Gold Dust. ECC Science Auditorium. March 22 to 30. No year given. Between 1992 and 1995 (Presence of Allen Ashman.) Directed by Wanda Vowels. Cast: Jeff Corkran, Clarence Sams, David Dunaway, Cathy Bailey, Mark Isham, Jim Pence, Mary Stuart Burks, Deborah Borden, Cindy Chamberlain, Chris Morrow. Crew: Sue Warren, Cindy Chamberlain, Barbara Bambini, Clarence Sams, Mary-Ellen Coty, Youth Theatre of Hardin County, Chris Thornton, Jeff Corkran, Bobby Osborne, Chris Osborne, Allen Ashman, Mark Isham.
  • Card flyer. Grey cardstock. ECC Home for the Arts presents The Women. Directed by Wanda Vowels. October 21 to October 29. ECC Science Auditorium. Year determined to be 1994 from a ECC Home for the Arts Series brochure.

Folder 5. Musical Performances

57 pieces. 1965 – 2013.  Flyers, brochures, programs.  Some items mimeographed. (items from the 80s most faded.) Includes some promotional cards for Home for the Arts if the only events listed on the cards are concerts.

Folder 6. Literary Events. Poetry readings held on campus; open to the public. 1988 – 2013. Scattered.

Folder 7. Presentations and lectures

1982- 2013. Scattered, not comprehensive. Flyers, emails, etc. Presentations open to the community; presenters outside the college community or faculty making presentations open to the community.

Folder 7-A. Presentations - Social and Behavioral Sciences.

27 pieces. 1977, 1988; scattered items between 1990 and 2012. Far from being complete.

Folder 8. Home for the Arts/ECC Art Series

Flyers, brochures and communications listing multiple events as a college arts series. In the late 80's and 90's ECC raised funds through the Louisville-based Home for the Arts to finance arts events and shows that were either held at the college or held off-campus with college sponsorship. These events appear under the heading ECC Home for the Arts. Date range: 1967 to 2004. Scattered holdings.

Folder 9. Black History Month

24 pieces. 1978-2013. Most items from the 1990's and 2000's. One item from 1978 and another from 1989. Flyers, programs, emails – most of them for the annual Gospel Extravaganza

Folder 10. Hispanic Heritage Montth

8 pieces. Flyers and other promotional materials. 1995 to 2013.

Folder 11. Native American Heritage Month

3 pieces. Flyers for presentations: 2006, 2012, 2012

Folder 12. Women’s History Month

24 pieces. 1974 to 2013. Many items undated. Flyers, brochures, emails with NE articles attached.

Folder 13. Social Awareness Events

6 pieces, 2001- 2013. More items will be added as we get donations or as items are discovered elsewhere in the collections. Flyers and other promotional materials pertaining to presentations, concerts, ceremonies dealing with sexual abuse, family violence and other topics

Folder 14. College events – Miscellaneous. 5 pieces. 1982 to 1999

  • Harvest Fest October 25 1998
  • Program. ECC Home for the Arts presents Maria Maldonaldo and Ballet Espanol, February 17, 1991 held at Powers Performing Arts Center, Fort Knox Kentucky 
  • Program. ECC History Day 1982, April 3, 1982. Trade and Industry in History
  • Flyer. Elizabethtown Community College Christmas Show and Sale. November 9 to December 8, 1995
  • Booklet. ECC Fashion Show. Mimeograph, very faded. Late 1960's. Names of participants: Donnie Hickman, Vicki Dixon, Mary Alice Lewis, Jeanne Ball, Mike Churchill, Greg Lee, Shirley Jones, Brenda Grundy, Phil Donahue, Joy Livesay, Judy Cooper, Gail Gatewood, Angie Young, Carol Hambly, Charles Garrett, Susan Streible, Linda Hopkins, Mary Cecil Newton, Ann Norris, Karol Hagen, Judy Mattingly, Lia Howlett, Ann Bavier, Jane Thomas, Donne Johnson, Judy Allen, Malinda Campbell, Debbie Hughes, Diana Roberson, Becky Ray, Larry Durbin, Melissa Higdon.
  • Email from Dustin Kaufman. Walkin’ Eddie: a film by former ECTC students Brandon Banks and Nathaniel Rosenbarger. August 31, 2006.

Folder 15. School to Work. 1995. 1 piece. Information aimed at college personnel about program which is open to participants between the ages of 16 and 21.

Folder 16. Upward Bound. Program for high school students. 2 pieces. 2010



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